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Licensed Activities 

We are permitted to receive and recycle the following hazardous and non hazardous waste material at our facility.

  • Treatment and disposal of Hazardous Waste

  • Treatment and disposal of Non - Hazardous Waste

  • Metal Waste Collection and Processing

  • Transport of Hazardous Materials

  • Poisonous Wastes Collection and Treatment

  • Medical Waste Collection

  • Chemical Waste Collection and Treatment

  • Non Metal Waste Collection & Processing

  • Metal Scrap Processing

  • Medical Waste Treatment

  • Recycling of Electrical Waste & Electronic Equipment

  • Construction Waste Treatment

  • Plastic or Rubber Waste Processing to Granules

  • Processing of Liquid Batteries Waste etc.

  • Processing of Oil Filters, Air Filters, aerosol cans, expired paints, expired paint cans etc.

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